2018 Year-End Tax Planning Guide
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In 2018, taxpayers faced a distinct set of challenges due to the
uncertainty surrounding proposed tax reform. The Tax Cuts and2018-YE-Cover-Design-Web
Jobs Act of 2017, which we will refer to as the Tax Cut and Job
Act, was not signed by President Trump until December 22, giving
taxpayers and their advisors just a few days to consider the major
changes in the tax rules. Most, but not all, of the Tax Cut and Job
Act changes were intended to go into effect after 2017, and many
of those changes are long-term but not permanent.

Strategies for Individual Taxpayers
2018 tax brackets and rates
Standard vs itemized deductions
Timing strategies
AMT Rates
Retirement Planning
Your Investments
How much can you contribute
Capital Gain/Dividend Rates
Year-end reminders

Opportunities for Business Owners
Review Earnings and Taxes
Tax Rates
Timing strategies
Asset purchases
S Corp Strategies

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