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The end of the year is soon approaching - already. This year with the enactment of the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (ATRA) at the start of 2013, tax planning is more important than ever.

The 2013 Year-End Tax Planning guide will provide helpful explanations of the current federal tax rules, tax tables, tips for lowering your personal/business taxes, and a worksheet you can use to make a preliminary estimate of your 2013 taxable income. The Guide will provide insight for individuals and businesses into:

  • Determine Your Filing Status
  • New Taxes and Rates
  • Count Your Personal Exemptions
  • Tally and Time Your Income
  • Uncover Deductions and Credits
  • Check for AMT Exposure
  • Use Tax-advantaged Accounts
  • Plan Gains and Losses
  • Minimize Exposure to the 3.8% Surcharge
  • Review Earnings and Taxes
  • Deduct the Cost of Asset Purchases
  • Claim Other Deductions
  • Reduce Self-employment Taxes
  • Take Advantage of Tax Credits

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